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Sheri A. Sayar is a certified sound therapist, meditation facilitator, aromatherapist and crystal healer from Iran. With the background of physics, she woke up one day to realize she is not meant for the corporate life she was living. This wake up call took her to land of awakening, India where she spent 12 years in Ashrams and monasteries took master degree in eastern philosophy, met many Gurus and masters and learned skills of energy healing and alternative medicine.

With advance certificate from Internation school of sound healing in Kolkata-India, she has moved to Istanbul two years ago to introduce and expand this ancient culture to a new environment. She is a practitioner and experimental healer. She has a broad perspective about life and she can challenge the belief system of her clients in order to enhance their personal development process.

She has designed many guided meditation to deal with fear, pain and anger. She conduct completion process meditation to heal the emotional body and organizes workshop to explore creativity and mindfulness through movements, meditation and chanting. In her free time, she teaches drama to children, plays basketball and paints Mandalas.

Her services come in the form of private (one to one) and group counseling or meditation session.

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